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Global Green Dispensary  is a registered

Marijuana company. Our Managing

Director has been active in the Health

and Wellness industry since 2004.

We are currently focused on the

introduction of Medicinal Marijuana

 adopting Good

Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles

and procedures that ensure our

therapeutic goods are of the highest


Our proposal to the  Federal

Government is to allow Medical

Marijuana oil and/or cannabis plant

material for specific medical patients to

possess and cultivated by 

Patients with "debilitating medical

conditions: such as Cancer, Glaucoma

and Epilepsy qualify, as do others with a

range of conditions for which marijuana

has shown promise as a treatment.

A patient's physician must find that

marijuana, "might benefit" the patient in

order to authorize its use by the patient.

Max Green






 1. ICE - Our Number One Indica Strain

The best and most notable Indica strain we carry is ICE. Though ICE would

be an accurate description for this frosty, aromatic bud, the name of the

strain is actually an acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme. ICE produces a

bountiful, sparkling yield in as little as eight weeks, but many growers

prefer to extend the grow to ten weeks. ICE is a hybrid of Northern

Lights, Afghan and Skunk, and though this strain does not produce the

highest yield, producing about 55 to 65 grams of product per plant, but

the high and flavor more than make up for smaller harvests.

2. Northern Lights - Starry, Starry Night


Northern Lights is a favorite of connoisseurs and growers worldwide.

Though the exact genetics of Northern Lights is unknown, experts believe

that the strain is the result of hybridization of 11 varieties. Current

Northern Lights strains remain Indica-dominant, with a heady, couch-lock high and a smooth

3. Blue Mystic - Fruity-Licious

Blue Mystic was borne of a collaboration between California and Oregon

strains. The bushy plant can grow up to 1 metre tall, but we recommend

topping or pinching the plant, and trimming like a bonsai for a maximised

yield. Harvest around eight weeks for a sweet, fruity flavour, or wait until

ten weeks for a stonier high. 


4. Special Kush 1 - Tasty Nugs

Our Special Kush 1 strain is the perfect choice for novice growers. Special

Kush plants can grow to 3 metres and love warm outdoor climates. Our

Special. Kush 1 seeds yield small, tight buds and the smoke produces a

body, hash-like stone. 

5. Bubble Kush - Big Bubba


Our sweet Bubble Kush is an Indica-dominant, sativa hybrid with a 19

percent THC potency. This perfect blend creates a relaxing, natural bliss

as you explore the corners of your mind. Our Bubble Kush seeds yield

plants up to 140 cm indoors and 200 cm outdoors.  

6. Pineapple Kush - Island Beauty

As a descendent strain of OG Kush, Pineapple Kush combines the potency

of the Original Gansta, with a pleasant, sweet aroma and flavour. You may

taste a hint of caramel and vanilla, along with the pineapple. The high is

heady and not quite as physical as it’s antecedent, OG Kush. 

7. OG Kush - Original Ganja

We carry the popular OG Kush strain, world-renown for its potency and

distinct flavour. OG Kush has a dank flavour, with an aroma and aftertaste

that lingers while you enjoy equally intense body and head highs. 

8. Somango XL - Peaceful Clarity

Somango XL, also known as “the beast,” produces the perfect high for

generating creativity and inspiration. This fruity strain provides an

energetic high, described by connoisseurs as a Peaceful Clarity,

guaranteed not to leave you feeling tired or sluggish.


9. Speedy Chile Express - Fast Yields


Our Speedy Chile Express strain is an auto-floweringhybrid cross between

Chile Indica and our outstanding Green Poison. The Indica-dominant

characteristics allow you to stay buzzed, but alert and focused. The

Sativa undertones produce a mellow body buzz with a focused, alert high,

perfect for the all-day smoker. 


10. BubbleGum XL - XL-Lent

Rounding out the 10th strain on our Top 10 list is BubbleGum XL. The

BubbleGum XL genetics hail from Amsterdam. Buds are dense and resin-

covered, and the flavour is earthy and sweet. 

11. BC Grape Purps Strain

BC Grape Purps has dense, very tight, medium-sized buds that have lots of

sticky trichomes and an aroma of hash, grapes and Kush that is quite

intoxicating in itself. This strain was created by breeding a Purple Kush

mother to a BC Grapefruit male. The result is a strain whose yield is

bolstered by the Grapefruit, while the potency and flavor pay homage to

the mother, Purple Kush. This strain should not be passed up by patients

who require relief from pain, insomnia or stomach issues, such as nausea


Vegetate these ladies at least 5 weeks when grown from clone and 6 or 7

weeks when grown from seed. After veg they will commence to flower for

no longer than 8 weeks, with most growers harvesting around the 54-day

mark. BC Grape Purps leaves little to be desired, as far as indica-dominant

varieties are concerned. It has a moderately high yield, amazing potency,

great flavors and a high resistance to most pests. The one thing to watch

out for is bud rot, due to the density of the nugs, especially the top colas


12. Happy Smile Strain


 Happy Smile came about when the breeder crossed the legendary Happy

Amnesia with Chronic. The result is a Haze hybrid that has a pungent

aroma of fruit and spice, flavors of Haze and sandalwood and an effect

that has shown to provide the best, most joyous emotions in many users.

It's simply impossible to be sad or gloomy after smoking Happy Smile.


The Chronic reduced the flowering time of Happy Amnesia, a renowned

Haze variety, while the HA added vigor and potency to the equation. This

is a strain that does very well indoors, as long as it is vegetated no longer

than a month. Any longer than this and growers run the risk of having

plants that are too tall for the grow room at finish. This strain is a good

candidate for LST or topping, where the yield will increase, yet theplants

will maintain a fairly low profile. Expect huge yields when growing

outdoors, especially since these ladies can reach 7 feet, when grown

directly in the ground

13.2046 Strain

2046 is best recognizable by long, fairly wispy buds that have long, skinny

red/orange pistils and so many

trichomes your lungs won't know what to do with them all. 2046 has an

aroma almost purely of Haze and an

aroma that can easily be smelled from across the room (even when tightly

sealed in a mason jar). Seriously

, this stuff reeks. Due to the length of time it requires to cultivate,

expect this bud to be some of the

more expensive at a dispensary, usually going for $60 to $70 per eighth!

Vegetate these ladies only for 1 to

2 weeks, as they can take up to 17 weeks to complete flowering and can

reach an indoor height of 5 - 7

feet, while getting up to 10 feet outdoors. 2046 is definitely not

recommended for beginning growers or

anyone who isn't an expert marijuana cultivator, for that matter. Utilizing

some type of training method is

the best way to go about cultivating 2046. She will put out a respectable

yield both indoors and outdoors

and should only be cultivated outdoors in regions that have temperate

climates through the beginning of

December. For the most part this is an indoor only strain, unless you

happen to live in Central America,

parts of the southern United States, the Mediterranean and more.  


14.Enemy of the State

These buds, while relatively small in size, are incredibly frosty with layers

upon layers of shimmering, milky trichomes. The pistils range in color

from electric-orange to orange and the buds give off a pungent aroma of

hash, earth and incense. For indica enthusiasts it doesn't get any better

than Enemy of the State, with potent body healing properties, amazingly

exotic flavors and great bag appeal.

When grown outdoors this landrace indica will complete flowering by the

end of August. For this reason alone, many outdoor growers choose to add

Enemy of the State to their garden. This is a strain suitable for outdoor

growth even in parts of Alaska and central Canada and parts of north-

central Europe. Even if an early cold-spell comes during August, these

ladies won't be terribly adversely affected. They might turn a bit purple

and become slightly stressed, whereas most other strains would succumb

to the cold. Indoors these ladies will flower for 7 to 8 weeks and require

at least a month of vegetation in order to produce even an average yield.

Like most indica landraces, however, Enemy of the State concentrates on

producing lots of trichomes to protect against the cold, rather than mass

amounts of bud. This strain will not do particularly well in a hydro or aero

setup and should be reserved for soil cultivation only. Indoor growers

would do well to put these ladies in a Sea of Green.


















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