GLOBAL STRAINS AVAILABLE GLOBAL STRAINS AVAILABLE Chemdog Strain Name: Chemdog Grade: A- Type: Sativa Looks: Great. Medium size tight buds with lots of crystals. Taste: Very sweet, clean, lemon-like taste. Great smooth smoke. Buzz Type: Immediate head cloud. Strong but functional. Hard hitting. Buzz Length: Long. I was pretty high for almost 2 hours. Overall: This is one of my personal favorites. 197229850 Strain Name: Blue Dream Strain Name: Blue Dream Grade: A+ Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid Looks: Light green with orange hairs, lots of crystals Smell: Pleasant smell Taste: Woody and somewhat fruity, not over-powering Effects: Jolly, satisfied, very giggly. Somewhat lazy, but not to the degree of indica Potency: If grown well, very high Reviewed by: KCFC and Steffah Good Strain For: Migraines, recreational use 197229851 Strain Name: AK 47 Strain Name: AK 47 Grade: B+ Type: Hybrid Sativa Dominant Looks: Very fluffy and sticky. Hint of lime green with hairs spread thoroughly throughout the bud. Crystals very uniform looking on the inside. Crystals caked near stem of the bud. Smell: Very piney. Almost like walking through a forest. Taste: Taste like the smell with a very subtle hint of sweetness. Effects: I found myself very giggly and care free. More sociable than usual. Potency: (AK4)7/10 Buzz length is about 1 ? 2 hours with a very relaxed and sleepy comedown. Reviewed by: Wickinator Good Strain For: Letting loose, Getting shit done, Laughing, Listening to music, Mild pain, Sleeping. 197229852 Strain Name: WILD ZOMBIE Strain Name: Sloppy Bowl Grade: c+ Type: indica Looks: Green (looks like tea) Smell: minty, piney smell Taste: not that smooth really (to all of you veteran smokers out there this will make you cough like a bitch) Effects: calm, giggly, and makes every thing taste a lot better Potency: 4/10 Reviewed by: thatguysmokingtree Good Strain For: friends, and dubstep.. 197229853 Strain Name: Cheese Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid-Sativa dominant (80/20) Looks: 80% of the nugs are covered in orange hairs with small bits of lime green. Completely covered in crystals! Absolutely stunning. This strain definately lives up to its name. Looks like its dusted with powdered cheese. Pic doesn?t give it justice at all. 10/10 Smell: Piney, sweet, and a little bit of skunk. VERY potent. Once the jar is cracked it can linger for an hour or so. Smells amazing! 10/10 Taste: Smooth for the most part. Maybe a couple of small coughs after exhale. Piney and a tad sweet. You get that little peppery feeling in the nose as well; which I like. 10/10 Effects: Very euphoric. Lovely little body stone with a nice clear-headed giggly feeling. Hits the body as soon as you exhale. Then travels to the feet and head simultaneously. 10/10 Potency: Hits you very quickly and lasts a couple of hours. 10/10 Reviewed by: Drew Good Strain For: Migraines, depression, and general chronic pain. 197229854 Strain Name: Durban Poison Strain Name: Durban Poison From: Purple Lotus Patient Center Grade: High Grade, organic Type: Pure Sativa, Land race Looks: Somewhat fluffy, large trichomes Smell: Dank Taste: Light/medium smoke Effects: Very euphoric effect in the beginning. Started to wear off after a long time, still felt high 2 hours later. Didn?t leave me groggy after it wore off, and I actually felt very creative. Definitely a smoke a go kind of strain. I originally found this strain because it won 3rd place at this year?s High Times Medical Cannabis Cup I can see why the Durban Poison placed. Potency: 9 or 10 Reviewed by: Layla N 197229855 Strain Name: Blue Haze Strain Name: Blue Haze Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid Looks: In-fucking-sane..trichome valleys and rolling hills of hairs and kief Smell: Like Blueberry and a funky ass kush from the ss haze Taste: Just like it smells?extremely tasty, like a DJ Shortt Effects: Heavy on the Sativa end, but a nice balanced high Potency: If the quality is there, very high Reviewed by: S.TripleX Good Strain For: Creativity, Cerebral stimulation, Euphoria 197229856 Strain Name: Blue Haze Strain Name: Blue Haze Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid Looks: In-fucking-sane..trichome valleys and rolling hills of hairs and kief Smell: Like Blueberry and a funky ass kush from the ss haze Taste: Just like it smells?extremely tasty, like a DJ Shortt Effects: Heavy on the Sativa end, but a nice balanced high Potency: If the quality is there, very high Reviewed by: S.TripleX Good Strain For: Creativity, Cerebral stimulation, Euphoria 197229857 Strain Name: White Widow Strain Name: White Widow Grade: A Type: Indica dominant hybrid Looks: Light green buds with super heavy trichromes covering every surface. Looks dusted in crystals. Smell: Pungent, rich smell ? pine, citrus, spice. Taste: Very mellow smoke. Slightly lemon. Effects: Clear and energetic. Strong head buzz with few body effects. Excellent daytime use. Potency: High Reviewed by: brokensun Good Strain For: Relaxation. Pain relief. Socialization. 197229858 Strain Name: Train Wreck Strain Name: Train Wreck Grade: B Type: sativa dom. Looks: bright green with a good frost to it. Light orange hairs Smell: cant explain smell. Lots of earth tones to it. Kinda reminds me of blue dream but less potent Taste: taste like it smells. fresh taste n very smooth with earthy taste Effects: does the job but allows you to keep on doing what you want to. Not a couch lock Potency: some what strong natural earth type smell 197229859 Strain Name: THC Bomb Strain Name: THC Bomb Grade: A Type: Hybrid Looks: Most of the buds look like golf balls with tons of bright orange hair. There is so much orange hair that it looks like a troll. The buds look delicious. Smell: Has a very unique one of a kind smell. It reaks of skunk, funions and a slight hint of fresh earth. When it?s broken up it smells like a strong bag of funions with a hint of sour mix. This strain will stink up an entire room. Smells very good! Taste: The taste is a lot like the smell, very skunky with hints of earth and a dash of sourness. Puts out a thick tasty vapor from the volcano vaporizer and is not harsh at all. Tastes very good! Effects: Night time use! The sativa effects can be felt almost immediately. After a few minutes pass the indica part grabs a hold of you and does not let go. Provides a relaxing anti-anxiety medicinal effect. It also works great for an improved appetite and pain relief. I also found this particular strain to work great for asthma too! This strain could even be used for insomnia in larger doses. Potency: Medium ? Strong Reviewed By: Volcanobis Notes: This strain instantly stinks up a room once the jar is cracked and when it?s vaporized it leaves the room smelling like a dead skunk for hours. This strain has so much hair that when you take a bud out of the jar, you can literally smoke just a bowl of hairs from the leftover hair that falls off the buds. 197229860 Strain Name:Super Sour Diesel Strain Name:Super Sour Diesel Grade: A Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid Looks: A+) Look for yourself! Smell: A-) Almost smelled like a sour apple candy with earthy undertones. Taste: A) The taste was very distinct, Tart and sweet. Effects: A+) Energy, Focused and Clear Headed, Very creative and giggly. Potency: Very Potent 2 1/2 to 3 hrs Reviewed by: Alexander Young Good Strain For: Almost all things that are not sleep related. A great day time med! 197229861 Strain Name: Strawberry Cough Strain Name: Strawberry Cough Grade: A Type: 75% Sativa / 25% Indica Looks: Darker green with long orange hairs. A very light non dense nug. Smell: Smells like fresh strawberry and has an under tone on cheese. Taste: Taste just like the smell but smoothest strain ive smoked Effects: Instant head buzz then spreading out to your upper shoulders and finishing off with a mellow high. Potency: Long lasting and fastest effect ive smoked after 1st hiy i could feel the effects lasted for 2 1/2 to 3 hours Reviewed by: Scully Good Strain For: anti-nausea, anti-emetic, and appetite stimulant 197229862 Strain Name: Sandman Strain Name: Sandman Genetics: Anesthesia (Pyramid Seeds) X Blueberry (DJ Short) Grade: A Type: Indica/Sativa mix Looks: Shades of dark and light green, lots of red hairs, frosty Taste: Not much, kind of fruity Smell: Delicious, Fruity, Dank Effects: Stoney, cloudy stone, relaxes muscles, good for sleep but doesn?t necessarily make you tired, very very relaxing Potency: Strong, cloudy trichs, Reviewed by: Anonymous Good Strain For: Chillin, Relaxing, Sleep, 197229863 Strain Name: Sensi Star x AK47 Strain Name: Sensi Star x AK47 Grade: A Type: hybrid 60/40 indica Dom Looks: pale green with insane amount milky to amber trichomes that are drenched and overlapped in every crevice . You know right of the bat that this is serious!Great bag appeal. 8.8/10 Smell: smells like ludans cherry cough drops or cherry cotton candy mixed with faint rotten berries and asweet hashy background . Smells awsome 8.2/10 Taste: smooth on the inhale , expansion and choke on exhale. Thick smoke tingles the nose hairs . Sweet and hashy.8/10 Effects: strong couch lock and strong head lock!narcotic crippling stone but will also makes your ears ring ,mess with your vision and make heat radiate off your neck.very strong medicine. 8.9/10 Potency: not for light weights 8.9/10. Up there with the good og kushs , trainwrecks ,and white strains Reviewed by: anonymous Good Strain For: nighttime, day offs, heavy pain relief, chilling out, couch surfin, insomnia relief, nausea relief 197229864 Strain Name: Pineapple Express Strain Name: Pineapple Express Grade: A++ Type: Sativa Looks: dense, puple, solid Smell: sweet, flowery, fragrant Taste: sweet, mild, flavorful Effects: mindchill, energetic, creative Potency: mild Reviewed by: Organic-Zog Good Strain For: Stress, Writers block, minor pain 197229866 Strain Name: Pakistan Chitral Kush (aka Purple Pakistani) Strain Name: Pakistan Chitral Kush (aka Purple Pakistani) Grade: A+ Type: 100% landrace Indica Looks: Deep purple, with dark orange hairs and deep green mixed throughout. Buds on this plant were small, but incredibly dense and heavy. Calyxes turned purple in last few weeks without cold temps, and resin production was very heavy, coating the small buds in a nice layer of crystals. Smell: While growing smelled strongly of menthol, with a hard-to-place smell that I can only describe as stale ?After 8″ chocolate mints. To be honest, it was actually kind of off-putting. Once cured, the chocolate smell came out even further, and the menthol seemed to be subdued, and at this point I actually really enjoyed the smell. Very unique, and unlike any other plant I?ve grown. Taste: Menthol on the inhale, and sandalwood/incense on the exhale. Very smooth, with moderate expansion in the lungs. Effects: Very mellow. Absolutely no raciness or paranoia whatsoever. The first time I smoked this after a three week cure, I realized I was walking around with a huge grin on my face for about an hour. Relaxing, happy, and humour stimulating. Didn?t seem to increase my appetite all that much, so I can?t say it?s too medicinal for my purposes (Crohn?s disease), but that didn?t detract from the overall experience. This is a bud that is perfect to just relax and chill at the end of the day. Not a heavy or clumsy indica stone, and not a racey sativa, but the perfect balance between the two ? even considering it?s pure indica. Potency: Certainly the least potent in my arsenal, but not in a bad way. This isn?t a bud you would smoke if you wanted to get destroyed, but this is your ticket if you want a happy, cheerful, social smoke that isn?t going to incapacitate you. Grower?s Notes: This was the only keeper plant out of a pack of 20 beans (from Beanho). It was an absolute whore to grow. Nothing but constant problems with deficiencies, slow growth, ph problems, etc. It was a miracle I got this one to the finish line. This is the most difficult and finicky plant I have ever grown, and I have conferred with other growers of this strain, that I?m not alone. This was the only plant to turn purple, all other phenos were very green, and not to my liking at all. Ended up cutting my losses and destroying all the other plants so I could start on something else. With that being said, it seems that it?s an issue of poor breeding here. I have spoken with other growers who have grown this plant from Cannabiogen?s stock (the original breeder), and have had none of the problems that myself and others have had with Beanho?s seeds. Yes, this is an inbred landrace strain and as such you can?t expect the same vigour or yield as other proven hybrids, but even with that being taken into account, this plant was just too problematic to be recommended to all but the most experienced grower. However, if you lucky enough to grow this plant, and find this rare pheno, and avoid many of the problems that I ran into, you will be well rewarded with your effort. The finished product is absolutely amazing. Reviewed by: Buggins Good Strain For: Relaxing, stress, depression, mood enhancement. 197229867 Strain Name: Obama OG Kush Strain Name: Obama OG Kush Grade: A+ Type: Mostly Indica/ some Sativa. Looks: Looks like tightly packed green balls engulfed by a mass of fuzzy orange hairs. Really fluffy, I can stuff a pillow full of it to sleep. Smell: Quintessential Kush, sweet, and pungent. It has a scent of pine, but it is a terrific smell overall, and this one can be identified easier from other OGs. Taste: A light kush taste to it, and earthly. I can?t really describe it, since it is Kush but it is much more airy and rare. Effects: Top Notch, clean! Nice and Smooth, full-body warmth that hits immediately but with a mellow impact; no paranoia here. It is almost transcendental. This unique bud is for the modern musician. It has you blasted with creativity and makes you want to play any instrument that is close at hand. I took a good few hits, and spent hours playing my guitar. Potency: Pretty High, 5/5. The length is up to 2 hours and up. This bud is extremely rare, and I only have been able to find at a few places here in Los Angeles, California. The search is all worth it though. Reviewed by: HighCrow Good Strain For: Has many effects, honestly. Great for just about everything. Recommended to take during the afternoon. Relieves pain. Imagination. Cerebral effects. Appreciation of the world around you. 197229868 Shatter The cannabis concentrate used for dabbing has many names, although the popular names are wax, budder, shatter, or depending on the extraction method, Butane Hash Oil (BHO). The concentrate can be extracted from the cannabis plant in two ways. The most common way of extraction is through blasting butane through the plant, hence the BHO. Butane is pushed through the cannabis plant material, leaching out the essential oils. Those are collected and the butane evaporates. Dabbing allows the user to experience an almost instant high that is much more powerful and lasts longer than regular highs. This is because the dabbing concentrate is extremely potent and can have up to 70-90% THC per dab. Also, it can induce a high using a smaller amount of the substance.. 203850328