Cannabis Oil Testimonials

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1. Do you accept prepaid Visa card?

We accept all major Visa cards that are open for international transactions. If the payment is declined, we will contact you immediately with detailed information, and alternative payment options. Read more on payment options

2. Do you have PayPal/Skrill accounts?

We do not have Paypal/Skrill accounts - although we can process the payments directly with your VISA.Read more on payment options

3.Do you accept MasterCard/Amex?

We temporarily stopped accepting payments by MasterCard or American Express. Read more on payment options

4.What are your security policies?

Our on-line ordering form uses the latest technology in secure encryption. All personal data and credit card information is submitted with the highest level of security and precautions. We don't store any payment related information!

5.Where do you ship from?

All packages are shipped depending on the availability of stock.

6.What are your shipping rates and policies?

Our products are available for Next Day Delivery for the rest of the world

7.How is your product packaged?

The products are packed in special sachets made of folio paper with labels. There is chemical formula, name or catalog number of the product and quantity on each label. Please pay attention to the name on the
label as it is different from chemicals IUPAC name. Products are not loose in those sachets but are placed in zip locked plastic bags for better storage. Retail orders are shipped in plain envelopes without indicating content(Discreet).

8.What are these products for?

The products available on our website are experimental chemicals that are used for scientific research purposes ONLY, in laboratories equipped according to the latest standards imposed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry! Research should be conducted by certified chemist with a proper license!This class of chemicals has undergone virtually no human or animal toxicity studies and there is little to no data on possible long or short term problems.

   9.Is it legal?

The products we sell are unregulated in the most countries we ship to. We try to follow up all of the up-dates, although we can't guarantee the legality of all the products in your country.
You are more than welcome to provide us with additional sources on regulative matters concerning our products.


                                                         10.Is This For Real?

I sometimes get letters asking if this is real. The answer is yes it is. It took me months of researching computer security and more months of effort to set up a system where I could safely do this. But I did it! I enlisted a friend who was an expert in computer security and he helped me to learn about bit coin, encryption and all of the other things that I needed to know to keep my identity a secret and of course to keep my customers safe!

When I started this I was looking to make a career change into something that really made a difference in the world. I have been in the position of not having any good source for quality weed or having to deal with shady dealers. No fun!   Plus I know that marijuana is great medicine. Not only for pain relief and for specific conditions, but it is a great treatment for the daily stresses of modern life. So I get to supply some great medicine to people AND get paid for it. Life is good!

I believe the prohibition of marijuana is itself a crime. Future generations will look back on our time and wonder in astonishment why anyone would want to make a plant illegal…especially one with a thousand uses like marijuana! I am very pleased to be able to offer such high quality strains of this amazing plant.

Here are some example snippets from real letters that I’ve received:

 From packaging to the product itself, quality. Product even arrived in what i would call pristine condition. Just couldn’t be happier and thought you might appreciate the feedback.

Got the package, the blue dream is amazing!  I can’t tell you how happy it has made me to know I have a solid connection, I hope and pray that you never stop offering this service to all of us… I just wanted to thank you and let you know you have a customer for life.
 In the words of my children, you da bomb!  That was before they got grown so now they roll their eyes when I say it!  But you are…!!
     ''Anthony Hudson Ali ,UNITED KINGDOM'
 You really are the very best.  I appreciate all you do for me.  Thanks!
 Just recently received my first order from you and all I can say is WOW!! I turned on a good friend of mine and now he wants to go in with me on a larger order. You’ll be hearing from me again real soon…thank you so much.
      ''Muhammad Darcy'' ,NEW ZEALAND
 Not sure if I thanked you for this yet….If I haven’t….THANK YOU! Your kindness is slowly restoring my faith in humanity….
       ''Sebastian Beau Matthew, CANADA
 Perfect weight, very quick delivery and very well packaged. Thank you!!!
    ''Dylan Jake ,PERTH AUSTRALIA ''
 I know you said not to let you know when orders are received but I felt the need to tell you THANK YOU!! I have to admit I was skeptical but today my order arrived – the packaging was amazingly good. You can imagine my excitement right now!! Thank you for your legitimate offerings and professionalism.
You have a lifelong customer now.

              ''Connor Edward,VICTORIA,AUSTRALIA
 As usual you are the best!
 All I can say to you is THANK YOU! I got my stuff half an hour ago. VERY nice. Thank you so much again! WOW!Received my package!  Thank you for this great service!  Thank you for standing up to the unjust laws and finding a way through it!

 I received the White Widow and my first experience with you was truly amazing! The security, the shipping, the encryption. Top notch service all the way!
'' Elizabeth CLARKE,Mount Gambier,AUSTRALIA

I did receive my ‘first time buyer’ 1/8th some weeks ago and it was splendid!  Thank you so much for providing this service.  It is helping me very much.The bud arrived.  It’s magnificent.  We are amazed. We are so  thankful for
your professionalism and your ability to provide super high  quality.   Thanks again, new loyal customer
''Georgia Rachel, Albany,Western Australia

Smashing success. Packaging and stealth: 100%. Weight: dunno, who cares, trusted you. Quality: looks amazing and after vaping at very low temps, I’m smiling, relaxed, and can focus on my work.Hey MM, Just wanted to say that thx and you are true to your word! I had many doubts but you have proved me wrong and you have a customer for life! I will be ordering more very soon and i hope you keep this service going. Please DO send catalogs in the future to this email. Thx again! Appreciate prompt shipping. Great work in the past, really unbelievable work, you should all be proud.What can I say.  You are Max.  AAA+++   Thank you very much!
''Glen Carrol ''Dallas Texas USA

 Just writing to thank you profusely for the utter professionalism, the
breathtaking quality of product, seamless process that does operate
on a trust basis—and was not disappointed. At the risk of being a bit
dramatic (but truthful) I almost cried when I saw product through dim
plastic ( one of the vacuum packs). Ha– I didn’t but came close.
Anyway, you are  performing a profoundly needed service–

Holy smokes man that lemon haze is lovely. My mouth is literally watering
as I type.

''Connor Brandon, Memphis     Tennessee,USA

This is just a nice letter for you, telling you how you have saved my life, REALLY!  I have been using your service over the past few months (because product quality in my state is terrible) in an effort to relieve pain from multiple spine surgeries.  I have been on opiates for at least the last eight years…at least!  Because I started using cannabis, I noticed I needed fewer and fewer opiates to manage my pain.  Just this last month I was able to completely get off of opiates…amazing!  Because I am off of opiates, I feel like a different person.  I still have pain, but I also have a zest for life that I haven’t had in a long, long, long time.  I am now dedicating my life to telling others how to heal themselves, make this medicine legal in my state, and getting the DEA out of my medical care.  You are an angel, for sure!

You are greatly appreciated!


In this remote area where I live with only three hundred people live here and it’s hard. Away from city No stations or big stores no running water or toilets. Just post office and Eskimos hunting seals and survival.   
I’m the smart one so I needed medicine thats the best and found you.  Life runs because of you I love you and thanks alot for saving my mothers life with your Cannabis Oil


Hey Bro  , thanks for takin care of us still, and treating us so good. You’re the BEST! Love you,Thanks to you my sister is cancer free,Thanks a million


 I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am ,and how embarrassed I feel for ever doubting you !!!! I live in a state that isn’t so friendly to people who are ill and need medicine as I do !!!!!! The so called premium stuff I get off the street is a complete joke compared to this mind blowing medicine I just received …… The quality is unmatched !!! Quantity dead on  ….. You are a true Professional in every way !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF US WHO NEED THIS MEDICINE !!!!!!!!

ISAAC HUNTER,Wichita Kansas .USA 

Thank you soooo much! Lighting fast shipping! I couldn't be more happier! A++++.. it feels good to know I have a solid connection now. I really appreciate you, your service and all that you do. Its crazy how you are able to do this. I will be back very soon again and again. Please keep in contact with me for new strains and if this site is ever relocated. Good stuff! Please post this comment on your website also so everyone can see. THIS IS LEGIT PEOPLE!

''Mason  Gate,Lexington  Kentucky,USA

I just wanted to tell you everything from start to finish was great. The process was professional, efficient, and streamlined – your shippers really know what they are doing. I am very satisfied with the product, and moreover, your philosophy. My hats off to you for providing such a service for those like myself whom use it for medicinal value. It is a shame that the social stigma surrounding the craft is rather overbearing, but hopefully, in the future, people like yourself can break this cycle.

''Garry Miller,''London, UK

Hi   ; i just wanted to express my appreciation at the remarkable service you provide! Thank you so much for this vital and humanitarian gift that you give!every step in the process was exact and the delivery was fast the meds awesome and the whole experience amazing! Thanks MM for your enlightened understanding!

 Henry Drake,ONTARIO ,Canada

Dear Max Green I just wanted to write you a short ty note. Product
came in today and I couldn’t be happier! !!!!!!  Man from the packaging to
the quality Very impressed!!! Well you got another reliable custiee for
life. Thanks again

''Jalen Cole,London ,UK

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October, 2013. I was advised by my urologist that my only options were to have a radical prostatectomy, go through weeks of external beam radiation sessions, or have brachytherapy (radioactive "seeds" implanted into prostate). The side effects from any of these treatments are incontinence and erectile dysfunction, to name a few. 

I'm no stranger to physical trauma. I've had a total of 11 spine surgeries over the past 16 years resulting from injuries sustained in several accidents. Ultimately, I had cancer develop in my spine in 2007 and went through chemo, radiation, and surgery. I healed well and other than being left with chronic spine pain, I had no other lasting side effects.

Quality of life is important to me. I've lived with intractable chronic pain for years and the thought of adding incontinence and erectile dysfunction to my list of physical discomforts just made me think that there had to be other options. But my doctors said there weren't.

I scoured the Internet and discovered that there were other options. Some I read about offered success testimonials. The most profound testimonials came from those who claimed their cancer was cured by ingesting cannabis oil. Some of those testimonials I found right here at One of the things that helped me while going through all this was reading the testimonials and the success stories of those who used the oil and were cured.

The day after my diagnosis, my best friend sent me a video link to Christian Laurettes documentary "Run From The Cure- The Rick Simpson Story". From there I discovered as well as According to the video testimonials I saw and the recommendations HERE on this site, the prescribed dosage for most cancer cures is 60 grams of cannabis oil over the course of 90 days.  After all the reading I decided cannabis oil would be my treatment of choice.

I told my doctor that I had made the decision to try an alternative cancer treatment and that it would last 3 months. He said I had made a very unwise decision and that I didn't have 3 months to spend on an alternative treatment. He told me that if the alternative treatment failed 3 months down the road, there may not be anything he or anyone could do for me as my cancer may then be too far progressed to treat. But I decided the risk was worth it for me so I moved ahead.

Through one of my friends I was able to obtain some high quality medical cannabis. Then, following directions HERE on your site, I used it to make a batch of cannabis oil. I took my first “grain of rice” sized dose that day. I did this dose 3 times a day and I remember thinking "how can such a small amount of this "medicine" possibly cure something as vile as cancer?" Although highly hopeful, I couldn't help but reason with myself that if this stuff can really cure cancer, why aren't doctors prescribing it? Why haven't I heard about it before now? It all seemed too good to be true. But I kept telling myself to go with it. After four days of taking the oil, I began noticing unexpected improvements with other physical ailments I had (I've listed these below).
In January, 2014 after the 3 month regimen ended, I went back to my doctor for a reassessment. He gave me a DRE (digital rectal examination) to physically feel my prostate. After what seemed to be a very long time of him feeling around, he finally told me that he thought that the cancer was still there. I asked if it seemed any smaller and he said he wasn't sure, but he said again that I needed to start the radiation or the surgery. So I asked him about an MRI scan. He told me that there is a brand new state of the art Tesla 3 MRI scanner designed expressly for high definition scanning of the prostate area. He told me that such a scan would definitely show the precise locations of my tumors and lesions. 

On January 23rd, I had the scan done at a nearby hospital and the results were clear. The MRI report stated clearly that there were no signs of cancer!

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Cannabis Oil Testimonials


Cannabis Oil Testimonials
Cannabis Oil Testimonials


Cannabis Oil Testimonials
Cannabis Oil Testimonials

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