Rick Simpson has been providing people with instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines for about 8 years. The results, Rick claims, have been nothing short of amazing. The research, backed by hundreds of other studies done worldwide, have proven that properly made hemp medicine provides relief and cures many diseases, even cancer. Simpson has provided hemp oil to hundreds of people with various medical conditions and the results speak for themselves. Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as a powerful medicinal plant across the world

How is Rick Simpson Oil different than the other concentrates on the market?

I was told essentially certain concentrates are probably very similar in their THC and CBD contents and it's a matter of different extraction processes as well as consumption methods and quantities that can impact the medicinal value compared to Rick Simpson Protocol. For example, most stand alone concentrates on the market still require heating and vaporizing to activate the cannabinoids while the RSO protocol calls for ingestion. The body processes ingesting cannabis differently than inhaling cannabis. However, there are some medible products on the market made from concentrates so I was curious if those were options compare to RSO.  First a bit about the RSO protocol. Rick Simpson's site notes the importance of heating at the right temperatures in the extraction process to ensure the THC a is fully converted to THC in the end product. So that means usually if a concentrate still requires heating through vaporizers or smoking, the THC a probably has not been fully converted already. Rick Simpson Oil is made through taking larger amounts of cannabis and extracting the cannabinoids via a heating process with pure naptha solvent or pure ether or similar solvents.

Is Rick Simpson Oil made from a high CBD strain or any strain?

The cannabis recommended by Rick Simpson is a high grade Indica which often has a higher CBD percentage than Sativas, BUT high grade Indicas are not CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web, Cannatonic, etc. It is both the THC and the CBD that appear to be used in the protocol and both cannabinoids are the ones shown to have anti-cancerous effects according to Rick Simpson and other studies. Although I could not find online information on what ratio or percentage of the cannabinoids Rick Simpson oils test for, the assumption is that their ratios are similar to the good Indica concentrates with 2% to 20% CBD and THC over 50%.. 

Does Rick Simpson Oil still work if the patient is also undergoing chemotherapy treatments?

Not really. In speaking with dispensaries, the RSO protocol is not as effective because the chemotherapy is lowering the body’s immune system, while the medical cannabis is being used to improve the body’s immune system and get cells, including cancer cells to act properly. Attempting both at the same time my be wasteful and I was told patients who do the chemo therapies often use that time to build up their tolerance to cannabis and use it to help with the side effects. Then after the chemotherapy they increase their dosage to the 1 Gram per day amount

Have Global Green Dispensary  seen patients personally actually get better by using Rick Simpson Oil?

Yes. Dispensary workers shared stories of people with Liver Cancers, inoperable brain cancers, and other cancers who used the Rick Simpson Protocol and got better. I also read stories about patients who could no longer do the conventional therapies and turned to RSO who got better. However, this information I thought, was not widely documented.
Now I was also warned at dispensaries that they also saw patients who didn’t get better and that they do not always know all the details on what patients are doing or not doing to get healthy either through conventional medicine, how they are using the cannabis, or other lifestyle changes like diet.

For me, this lack of really well documented patient testimonials inspired me to make sure that our  site includes patient testimonials soon but in the main Time you can go under FAQ and read some Testimonies that were emailed to me ad i posted them here


High Quality cancer cannabis oil and top shelf marijuana Cures The Following Ailment

Cancer, Diabetes, Crohn's disease, Gout, Pain relief, Glaucoma, Opioid Dependence, treating Alcohol abuse, Epilepsy, Psoriasis, Asthma, Adrenal disease, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Dravet syndrome just to name a few.Our Oil   Cure s Arthritis! Snoring! Diarrhea! Acne! Diabetes! Removes warts! Mighraines! Lose weight! Alcoholism! Glaucoma and More




Does it matter how Rick Simpson Oil is consumed?

Yes, the recommendation is to ingest the oil usually through a capsule because it is processed through the appropriate organs to get the most out of the medical cannabis. Vaporizing it can also be beneficial and potentially more so for those with lung related cancers, but ingesting is still the primary recommendation. 

Cannabis Oil Dosage and Application information.





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